NeonCrm Review

Donor Engine

Why is it better?

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Fully customized to your organization.
  • Save literally hundreds of hours.
  • Everything you need in one product.
  • Frequent new features added.
  • Unlimited Support & Training Included.

Nonprofits tend to suffer from a shortage of funds, not a lack of data. If anything, there’s too much data, and it can be hard to know where to take action! NeonCRM was created to be the solution to that problem.

This solution stands out from competitors in the market because NeonCRM works with nonprofits of all sizes to also design modern websites that attract donors. What many nonprofits don’t realize is that no matter how good your fundraising efforts are, if your website isn’t up-to-date, it can cost you countless dollars.

Other Favorite NeonCRM Features Include:

Nonprofit CRM – As the name suggests, NeonCRM comes with a powerful CRM tool to help you engage with donors, manage memberships, and even track volunteers. It works in the cloud, so you can access it virtually anywhere.

Fundraising and Donor Management – Instead of wasting valuable time on data entry and other tedious tasks, NeonCRM does all the heavy lifting for you. It sends automatic donation receipts, tracks your donations, and gives you tons of insight at your fingertips.

Membership and Associations – NeonCRM allows you to track your member information and communicate with them to keep them engaged. You can even create accounts for them and allow them access. This gives them the ability to see their donation history and other relevant information at a glance.

Events and Ticketing – Events are vital to raising funds, and when it comes to NeonCRM vs. other tools, NeonCRM shines here. With this platform, you can plan, promote, and manage your event, embedding all of the event data and forms into your website for seamless promotions.

Email Marketing – As your database of constituents grows, you can keep in contact with them using NeonCRM’s email marketing and automation tools. Send broadcasts or trigger specific campaigns based on user behavior.

Dashboards – Having the right information can make the difference between a nonprofit that fails to meet its goals and one that helps on a larger scale. NeonCRM offers a beautiful dashboard that can be customized to fit your needs.

Workflows and Automations – NeonCRM uses advanced If/Then logic that was previously reserved for enterprise software platforms and puts it in the hands of the people. Entire tasks and projects of up to 15 steps can be triggered and completed with a single click.

The Bottom Line

NeonCRM has a decent number of features that any nonprofit would be thrilled to add to their arsenal. The only thing to watch out for is the interface. It’s not quite as intuitive and user friendly as other donor management software platforms we’ve reviewed. If your team lacks computer skills, they might struggle to use NeonCRM.

Frequently Asked Questions

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