Bloomerang Review

Donor Engine

Why is it better?

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Fully customized to your organization.
  • Save literally hundreds of hours.
  • Everything you need in one product.
  • Frequent new features added.
  • Unlimited Support & Training Included.

Not just a clever name, Bloomerang has all the features you need in a nonprofit software platform, especially if you’re a one-person shop.

Bloomerang offers tools that would otherwise be unavailable to smaller nonprofits, particularly individuals. They’ve combined engagement with retention to help every single Bloomerang user meet their fundraising goals without suffering from the high churn rate that’s so typical of other nonprofits.

Bloomerang’s Best Features

This platform takes a modern approach to fundraising, so it’s easy to use and packed with features other systems haven’t thought of yet. Here are the ones we like best:

Social Listening – Have you ever wondered what your constituents are saying about you? With Blommerang’s social listening feature, you can see exactly that. You’ll also be able to match tweets to donors in your database.

Focus on Donor Retention – Bloomerang recognizes the time and stress associated with finding and nurturing new donors. This tool helps you retain donors with advanced reporting, the ability to thank donors quickly, segmented communications, and surveys.

Low Monthly Price – With subscriptions starting at just $19 per month, Bloomerang is the most affordable solution available. If you’re truly on a shoestring, there’s even a free version!

Generosity Scoring – Instead of seeing a simple number on a screen telling you how much someone has donated, you’ll have a “generosity score” that allows you to identify top prospects based on the frequency and amount of giving.

Smart Reporting – Stop mining for data and exporting stuff to Excel. With Smart Reports, you can extract the most relevant information for stakeholders, all in a stunning presentation format.

Website Integration – Easily embed donor and event registration forms on your website. You can also collect email addresses, log volunteer hours, and track website visitors.

Email Marketing – Bloomerang isn’t just a CRM. It also has an email marketing component built in so that you can schedule email broadcasts and track their performance. Use beautiful built-in templates to make your email communications look professional and polished.

The Bottom Line

Nonprofits love how easy Bloomerang is to use, and that’s why we are happy to highly recommend Bloomerang any time and to anyone. What we genuinely like most about Bloomerang is their support, and we chatted with the Bloomerang staff for 5-6 hours before writing this review.

It might not be best suited for larger nonprofits, but if you’re new to the space or have a small team, you’ll find Bloomerang to be an incredibly useful tool.

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